Organise a Local Event

Wherever you may be in the world, everyone is in need of Help. So why not facilitate an event and let others benefit with the knowledge and practical solution to today's problems and while doing so, you can also attain the pleasure of Allah.

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Roles and responsibilities for the Organiser

To advertise the event as much as possible so that the residents are aware and maximum can take benefit

To make sure that our media team are allowed to
* Use our sound system if required to do so.
* To adjust the sound system of the venue if and when required (if this is possible)
* To record the event as well as share it on your social media platforms so that those who cant attend can also benefit
* To make sure the venue is segregated between genders
* To assign a person(s) to liaise with us from the start to finish of the event
* There may be an option to meeting with the Teachers at some events due to specific situations, if this is the case then all women need to be accompanied by their mehrams
* If other scholars will be present then to make the schedule clear prior to the event
* For our event team to be able to visit the venue prior the event to assess and setup equipment if required
* For private consultation to have a separate room or specific area available where some privacy can be given
* Cost of venue is upon the Organiser, we will attend, facilitate and Teach for FREE
* Setting up of the venue is your responsibility
* Cleaning the venue after the event is your responsibility
* There will be a cost for printed material however where digital versions of books are to be given, they will be free of charge
* To submit your application in writing for approval, if a physical attendance is not possible then we will try our utmost to offer an online session/s